About Us

Our inspiration

The world is full of weird and wonderful things. There are an estimated 8 million species of animals and 400,000 species of plants. Species Swimwear is our dedication to them. ​​​From deep blue oceans to icy mountain caps; from vibrant untamed rainforests to hot dusty deserts – our prints draw inspiration from the species of the world. We share our admiration for each species through informational swing tags that feature a hand-drawn image and a little insight into their story.

Our purpose

Each piece of our swimwear brings a little bit of knowledge along with it.

With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes the power to make positive change. By telling the stories of the species that share the world with us, we hope that you’ll carry that information with you to every tropical island, every surf break, every pool party, every waterfall, every dive and every snorkel – and we hope that it inspires you to continue to see the beauty in the little things that surround us every day.

We donate a portion of our profit into achieving social and environmental benefit. Read more about our impact here.

Everybody is different, and so is every body. Our mission is to design a collection that has a little bit of something in it for everyone. Each style we release is sampled and fitted a number of times on different body types to ensure the perfect fit. Staying true to our sustainability goals, we do the majority of our sampling using leftover fabrics.

Our materials

Every single Species piece is made up of recycled materials such as fishing nets, carpet and plastics. By using these existing materials, we offset new petroleum use, emit fewer greenhouse gases, and conserve water and energy in the process. Using these innovative recycled fabrics diverts pre-industrial and post-industrial waste from oceans and landfills.
For our printed fabrics we use Repreve® fiber and our solid fabrics use Econyl® fiber. These buttery-soft fabrics are resistant to chlorine, sunscreen and pilling, and offer a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. They are durable and hold their shape over time. 
For printing, we use dyes that are Oeko-Tex certified which ensures that there are no hazardous chemicals used in the printing process.

Recycled is better, but it's not a perfect solution. Swimwear is most commonly made up of Nylon or Polyester and whether it's virgin or recycled, these fabrics are made up of plastics. We use these fabrics because they're durable and stretchy, won't shrink, have low moisture absorbency, and are resistant to chlorine and sun exposure - all important qualities for items that spend a lot of time in the water. However, plastic in clothing means that with each wash, plastic fibers make their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. Please follow our fabric care guide to ensure you get the most from your swimwear. We also recommend using a GUPPYFRIEND bag to catch microplastics when you wash your clothing.

We’re not perfect, but we're constantly working in collaboration with our suppliers to bring more innovative solutions to the swimwear world.

Our manufacturing partners

We work with a small-scale manufacturer based in Indonesia who we’ve built a close relationship with over years of working together. Our team are paid above the minimum award wage, are offered flexible working hours, and receive medical insurance for themselves and their families. We regularly visit them and spend time learning the process. However, as an Australian brand we are working towards a longer term goal of moving our manufacturing on shore.

Our packaging

While there are a number of biodegradable packaging options out there, such as those made from corn starch or wheat, these are usually all still single-use products. We’ve tried to move away from single-use items wherever we can, so each order comes packed in a 100% cotton net bag which can be reused time and time again for grocery shopping, beach trips, holidays, or an extra bag for snacks. Since cotton is made by nature it can also be biodegraded by nature, so once your bag is near the end of its life (many a year down the line), it’ll break down to its original building blocks which are then available to create new living things. 

However, cotton won’t keep your items safe from elements it might encounter in the shipping process, so all orders are mailed out using the betterpackaging.co comPOST Packs. These packs are made predominantly using corn starch (from corn not fit for consumption). The comPOST packs are waterproof and will keep your items safe from rain and dirt. These parcels are certified to biodegrade within 6 months in a home compost system. Don’t have a compost? Read this article to find out what you can do with your pack.